2 more months

Two more months to meet baby Edgar. We decided this name because Tong likes it. He said that this name is not so common and it sounded fierce. According to my dear hubby, a famous MMA fighter and a footballer also share the same name. I hope he will make a name for himself someday.

The first three months of pregnancy was an unpleasant experience. I couldn’t work as per normal and had to give up my show flat duties. I couldn’t eat properly and feeling nausea every single day. I am also super sensitive to smell and the sight of food & Toto turns me down. Poor Toto, I must had neglected him back then. I’ve lost 4 kilos in my first trimester. The only thing i feel good is to sleep, so i became like a sick patient sleeping all day long. However, i still try to go for viewing despite not feeling well and i almost fainted.  I am glad that Irene and Tong is very supportive during this tough time. Not to mention my dearest mum, she will cook me porridge as breakfast everyday and send to my door-step. I am fortunate to have her doting me and baby Edgar as well as her son in law. She wanted Tong to concentrate on his work and not to worry about my meals.

Second trimester of my pregnancy was an enjoyable one. No more vomit, no more nausea and my appetite is back to normal. I am able to play with Toto again. I could feel baby Edgar’s movement at about 20weeks. That was amazing, feeling a life in my tummy. I wish to share this joy to Tong, but the little kicks and movement was not strong enough to be felt outside the tummy. As time goes by, the kick gradually gets stronger that i could even see it with my own eyes. The funny part was, i remember having an impression from TV or movies that the Daddy put his ear on the wife’s tummy to listen to baby’s heartbeat. I asked Tong to do the same thing and what i got from him was my stomach digestion sound.

I just entered the third trimester of my pregnancy. Looking forward to my next appointment with Dr Ooi. Looking forward to see how is baby Edgar’s progression.


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